Social Good

The Ümlaut Brooklyn Young Artist Grant

 How do we best give thanks for being able to run our own creative company?

By supporting the next generation of young artists - specifically creative kids in high schools working hard so they can also have a future making a living in the arts.

 To do our part to help we’ve started The Ümlaut Brooklyn Young Artist Grant.

 For our pilot program we partnered with the Brooklyn High School of the Arts, a high school in New York that is providing amazing opportunities for students in fine arts, Music, Drama and Dance.

In November 2018 we awarded our first grants, and we couldn’t be more excited.

Four stellar students, one from each grade, were awarded a grant to help fund either some extracurricular education or to help buy supplies that may have otherwise been out of reach. They’re all incredibly talented and have amazing careers ahead of them. We were honored to meet them and to offer our encouragement and support.

 And thanks to you we were able to do this. Every purchase you make from Ümlaut Brooklyn helps to make this possible and we can’t wait to watch it grow.

Our dream is to expand it every year AND to encourage other creative companies to take this idea and replicate it in their communities. We’ve even created a template for how to run this grant program that we will happily give anyone who wants to do the same. All we ask is that they let us know what they’re doing so we can help promote it.

 To hear more about the program or to get the template to do this yourself email us at or call us at 929-210-9520.

It’s so simple to make this a reality in your community and we’d love to help you do it!

Jocelyn & Roland